Dual protection: automation & hazard protection in one device

The MD-S1 is the perfect all in one sensor which reliably detects smoke and heat. The siren of the alarm and all other sirens Report the danger loudly. They wake you and your loved ones at risk of fire. This enables you to act in an emergency and evaluate the situation. Even from a distance, because you are alerted by SMS, call notifications, push message or email. This can make the difference, the firefighters can extinguish the fire in time.

Automation with the MD-S1: Smart is comfortable and energy-saving

The Q-Series ensures that it is warm bright automatically as you like. While you can focus on the important and beautiful things in life. Where you formerly had to use heating and light switches, you can now pursue your favorite activities. In addition, the automation saves money and power, by only heating or illuminating when it is actually needed. With the multi detector you can creat a wide range of smart home scenarios dependend on your needs.

• 5 functions in one device.
• Protection against fire and burglary.
• Easy installation.
• Smoke detectors, motion detectors, heat detectors and temperature sensor in one.
• Integrated siren.
• Can be radio with the Q series from Blaupunkt.
• Countless smart home functions through networking programmable.
• app and web portal to configure smart home scenarios

• Communication protocol: ZigBee Pro Home Automation 1.2
• Frequency: 2.4 GHz
• Battery: 3V, CR123A lithium battery
• Battery life: ~ 4.5 years
• Notification Low battery
• Siren with 95dB at 1 meter distance
• Complies with EN 14604
• Operating temperature: - 10 ° C to 45 ° C
• humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 79,5mm x 79,5mm x 33,5mm